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PPC advertising works by allowing advertisers to bid on specific keywords or phrases that are relevant to their target audience. Advertisers can create ads that will be displayed to users who search for those keywords or phrases. When a user clicks on an ad, the advertiser pays a fee to the platform where the ad was displayed.


If you want to become the go to
business in your area content marketing is a big part of this, its not just take photos and putting them on your social media profile that will get you the result in your content marketing strategy


Too many business don't optimise what they current have around their business in order to been seen by their ideal clients use SEO to be seen by your clients without having to pay for the eyeballs


Social media is a pivotal part of growing your business know what to post, when to post and how to post it so it effectively builds the brand in a machine that gets people to click through to your website or into your booking system to book a service with you or buy products


Building a website is ok but building a website that converts traffic into bookings and sales for your business is a completely different thing we help create website that convert traffic to bookings for your business


If you have a specific offer your
business uses to bring in new clients this is where you would want a funnel created to get people to buy your service online


Your business conversion rates extend a lot further than you or your team answering the phone, it also stems too your consultations, your product sales, your website visitors to booking or sale rate optimising these areas by as little as 5% can make a large difference as to where your business growth will be in as little as 12 months


Email and text message marketing is the ultimate way to continue to keep your current clients active and to continue to buy from you ever single week, month and year


Getting new clients is great, but how do you get clients to come back 3, 4, 6, 10, 15 times a year and create a delivery model that helps you grow with more predicatbility



Business Warriors has evolved over the years to the digital marketing agency in Perth that helps businesses to scale through predictable and scalable sales and marketing acquisition systems while making sure to remain profitable with the appropriate systems and processes.

Our specialty is helping your business to increase the amount of visibility you get daily through specific content marketing and SEO Strategy using the algorithm to your businesses advantage.

We then like to increase your businesses conversation rates through sales training, website optimisation and conversion rate testing systems.

Once these things are done, we add fuel to the fire with bulletproof hyper targeted PPC campaigns and social media marketing retargeting to accelerate your results over the long term.

We like to set big targets and provide guarantees to our clients otherwise we don't get paid for what we do. is a product company owner by our registered company is Business Warriors Pty Ltd



  • Warriors Hook A Killer Offer To Hook In Your Ideal Client

  • Pick your battlefields (FB®, IG®, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Bing Ads, TikTok, and SEO)

  • Warriors Strike (making the right offer in front of your ideal dream clients
    that will pay you the most)

  • Doubling the number of enquiries your business gets in a 12-month period

  • The Warriors conversion formula (setting appointments & getting them to
    show up)

  • The Warriors Pitch (the most tested selling system ever, for real) so you
    and your team close a higher ratio of leads coming through your campaigns

  • How to create world class products and high-priced products and services and
    experiences for your clients so that you can charge a premium and stand out
    from everyone else

  • How to keep feeding your business from this skill for years to come
    (retention of clients)

  • How to leverage yourself and build world class high performing sales teams

  • Plus so much more


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How to Use Google My Business to Drive Traffic to Your Automotive Marketing Agency

July 13, 20235 min read

In today's digital landscape, establishing a strong online presence is vital for the success of any business, including automotive marketing agency. With customers increasingly relying on search engines like Google to discover local businesses, it's crucial for automotive marketing agency to leverage the right tools to drive traffic and attract potential clients. One such powerful tool is Google Business Profile. Formerly known as Google My Business, this platform enables businesses to create a comprehensive and engaging online profile that effectively showcases their offerings to potential customers.

In November 2021, Google made an important announcement regarding its local listing platform, Google My Business (GMB). The platform is undergoing a rebranding and will now be known as Google Business Profile (GBP). This change signifies a new chapter in the evolution of Google's local business services, offering enhanced features and functionalities to help businesses effectively showcase their offerings to potential customers. 

In today's digital landscape, establishing a strong online presence is vital for the success of any business, including auto marketing agencies. With customers increasingly relying on search engines like Google to discover local businesses, it's crucial to leverage the right tools to drive traffic and attract potential clients. One such powerful tool is Google Business Profile. Formerly known as Google My Business, this platform allows businesses to create a comprehensive and engaging online profile that showcases their offerings to potential customers. 

Here are some tips for optimising your GBP listing for SEO:

Automotive marketing for Google Business Profile

Optimising your Google Business Profile (GBP) is crucial for enhancing your online visibility and driving traffic to your auto marketing agency. Here are some valuable tips to help you maximise the SEO potential of your GBP listing:

Utilise relevant keywords: When creating your profile, incorporate keywords that potential customers are likely to use when searching for automotive marketing services. By strategically including these keywords in your business description, services offered, and other relevant sections, you increase the chances of appearing higher in search results.

Provide complete and accurate information: Ensure that your GBP profile contains comprehensive and accurate details about your agency. Include your business name, address, phone number, website, hours of operation, and high-quality photos. This information not only helps potential customers find you but also boosts your credibility in Google's eyes.

Claim and verify your listing: After setting up your GBP profile, it's essential to claim and verify it. This process confirms to Google that you are the legitimate owner of the business and that the information provided is reliable. Verification strengthens your profile's authority and trustworthiness.

Regularly post updates: Keep your GBP listing fresh and engaging by regularly posting updates. Share information about new services, special offers, upcoming events, or any noteworthy updates about your agency. These updates demonstrate your agency's activity and engagement, encouraging potential customers to choose your services.

Respond to reviews: Actively engage with customer reviews by promptly responding to them. Show appreciation for positive feedback and address any negative comments with professionalism and a commitment to resolving concerns. Engaging with reviews builds trust and showcases your dedication to customer satisfaction.

Here are some additional tips for using GBP to drive traffic to your automotive marketing agency:

Utilise Google My Business Ads: Take advantage of Google My Business Ads, a feature that enables you to promote your business directly within Google Search and Maps. By running targeted ads, you can expand your reach to a larger audience and drive increased traffic to your agency's website. These ads provide an effective means of capturing the attention of potential customers actively searching for automotive marketing services.

Optimise your presence on Google Maps: Google Maps is a widely used platform for discovering local businesses. To ensure maximum visibility, make sure your GBP listing is well-optimised and accurately positioned on Google Maps. This will increase the chances of potential customers finding your agency when searching for relevant services in their vicinity. Pay attention to your business category, accurate location marker, and reviews to enhance your credibility and attract more traffic.

Harness the power of social media: Extend the reach of your GBP listing by actively promoting it on social media platforms. Share your GBP link and encourage followers to engage with your business through Google Maps and customer reviews. This cross-promotion can help you tap into a broader audience and generate more traffic to your agency's profile and website. Engage with your social media audience by sharing valuable content, updates, and special offers to further entice potential customers to explore your automotive marketing services.


In conclusion, harnessing the full potential of Google Business Profile (GBP) is an essential strategy for driving traffic to your automotive marketing agency. By implementing the tips and strategies mentioned earlier, you can optimise your GBP listing for search engine visibility, enhance your online presence, and attract targeted traffic to your agency's website.

Remember to use relevant keywords, provide accurate and complete information, claim and verify your listing, post regular updates, and respond to customer reviews promptly. These practices will not only improve your search rankings but also showcase your agency's professionalism and responsiveness, fostering trust among potential customers.

Additionally, don't overlook the power of Google My Business Ads to reach a wider audience and drive traffic through Google Search and Maps. Promoting your business on social media platforms further extends your reach and encourages more potential customers to explore your services.

By consistently implementing these strategies, you can establish your automotive marketing agency as a prominent player in your industry and attract a steady flow of traffic. Continuously monitor and refine your GBP listing to stay ahead of the competition and adapt to evolving customer preferences.

So, embrace the power of Google Business Profile, make the most of its features, and watch as your agency experiences increased visibility, engagement, and ultimately, growth. Start optimising your GBP listing today and unlock the full potential of this invaluable tool for your automotive marketing agency's success.

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I have been working with Jarrod for the last week and already have experienced a massive growth in sales.

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