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Who Is Business Warriors & Jarrod Harman

  The Warriors Code   #BeTheWarrior is a movement created by Business Warriors that is changing the world through a new kind of education. Passionate about helping people create things that matter, we impact the lives of our community every day by showing them how to build a life of more time, money, freedom and choices.   Founded by Jarrod Harman and rebranded in 2018, Business Warriors was born out of a dissatisfaction with the education available not only in schools but in every day life. At Business Warriors, we live by our Warrior’s Code, to always operate with honesty, professionalism and integrity with each other and our clients.   Today we are transforming the whole education system by showing entrepreneurs how to break free of what they once thought was the norm and to make an impact to more people around the world through our Dominate, Wealth and Leverage systems that scale high ticket offers online. It is our mission to positively impact the lives of over 100,000 people worldwide and to overall make the world a better place through our teachings, charitable causes and the way we show up.   We teach high ticket entrepreneurs to stand up And… Fight for their own freedom By teaching them how to Dominate their chosen field by finding clients that will pay them $5,000+ for their services, Create wealth through turning their high paying clients through battle tested sales systems in leveraged way for scale while automated and hiring world class sales people Through our Battle Plan Method   Alongside a team of expert warriors coaching and teaching through the process which includes…   �…Warriors Hook (ads, copy, funnels)
�…Pick your battlefields (fb®, ig®, LinkedIn® )
�…Warriors Strike (making the right offer in front of your ideal dream clients)
�…Attracting your first clients (leads)
�…The Warriors conversion formula (setting appointments & getting them to show up)
�…The Warriors Pitch (the most tested coaching and consulting selling system ever, for real).
�… How to create world class programs and experiences for your clients
�…how to keep feeding your family from this skill for years to come (retention).
… how to leverage yourself and build world class high performing sales teams   Remember Warriors for 1000’s of years have fought for Wealth and Freedom – not just financial wealth, but wealth in all areas of life. Being a Warrior in your business means to fight for your own Wealth and Freedom. Remember, if you don’t fight for your own freedom, no one else will. So get up, take action, make it happen and #BeTheWarrior

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POST BY: ADMIN DATE: Jul 29 2019

Don’t have a leaking sales bucket

Leads are the lifeblood of your business. If you’ve got no leads, you’ve got no clients.

And that means you’ve got no business.

Your lead generating machine’s go...


POST BY: ADMIN DATE: Jul 25 2019

1% Sales Tactics

Over the last 13 years there is a couple of things that have made a huge difference when closing sales and it was to

Stop closing with your mouth, All the other salespeople ...


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  • Hi everyone I’m the proud owner and operator of Whately Photography specialising in Weddings and Corporate portraits.

    I have recently joined Jarrod’s Business warriors War room and I can most definitely say that my business now has a brighter future! Jarrod has shown and trained us into how to make our sales method more effective, I did his 3 day course a week ago which has generated me 15+ leads which has turned into just over $7k in sales!

    Joining Businesses Warriors has helped by giving me a great insight into my businesses potential and future goals by learning and implementing a plan of action in our social media marketing!

    I 110% highly recommend any business to contact Jarrod and get there business growing to its full potential!

    I’ll be now Joining Jarrod for more training that will not only assist me with sales and marketing but also my staff which is going to be amazing!

    Thanks 😊

    Jasmin Whately

  • Jarrod helped me take my business to a new level. I could not do this on my own

    Amy Small

  • Have been working with Jarrods help for the past few months. For a big right brainer like me who sometimes gets lost in the jigsaw puzzle, doesn’t matter how many times I ask the same questions, Jarrod patiently walks me through it.

    I personally try to turn up to every live webinar he has, just because I know his value that he gives, the effort he gives, and the patience he gives to make sure you get what you need to get. He always has time for you, ask questions anytime and has a heart of gold. Unlike many other similar competitors, he walks the walk and talks the talk and gives MASSIVE VALUE which I know is his mission and he teaches to everyone to give that value also to your own clients, due to this is what its all about now in todays sales world.

    Trouble is and I am a culprit also, we tend to start something and not follow it through, which is why Jarrods year long coaching is invaluable, you get lost for a while, you just come back in the fold and catch up.
    Thank you Jarrod, for being Jarrod Harman, the thousands you spent on high quality coaches and gurus is paying off due to your own implementation of that training that you follow.

    Serena Carli

  • This guy is FULL of knowledge. There has never been a time where he has not answered any of my questions or put me in the right direction of someone who does know. Since working with Jarrod my mindset around my business has changed completely. I wake up everyday LOVING what I do and as a bonus have the financial freedom to do what I love. I would highly recommend this absolute weapon.

    Sarah Gale

  • I have been working with Jarrod for the last week and already have experienced a massive growth in sales. In 3 days of implementing his strategies we doubled our sales for the week already and that was just the start of the week. He has literally held my hand through the whole process and the support is amazing. I feel he truely cares about his clients and he is a fountain of knowledge in his field. I have been through a few programs to help my business grow but Jarrods program and support has hands down been the most effective. If this is what’s it’s like in just 1 week then I’m so excited for the rest of the year. Trust Jarrod and his strategies… they work!

    Karina Dulnoan

  • With your sales script we did over 150,000 in sales totally works just speak the words on it

    Jo Botting

  • Moving on with day six, and there has been tremendous amount of mindset shift on my part.

    J. Gallaher