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I’ve been working with Jarrod & Serena for nearly a year now and have seen substantial growth in my business. Unlike other companies that I have dealt with in the past they are the real deal. They monitor all their Ad & SEO campaigns, constantly critiquing, to ensure that a revenue generating outcome is achieved. Highly recommend their services.

Laserclear A.

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Business Warriors are the best marketing agency I’ve worked with so far, they deliver extraordinary results in a timely manner, along with their great experience in the field through which they can lead businesses to huge success.

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I have been working with Jarrod for 3 years now. I tripled my income in 3 days working on my own in a hair salon. Now I own 3 businesses and have 5 staff. We are constantly growing and I couldn’t do it without the Business Warrior team. I highly recommend Jarrod and invite you to trust in him.

I am happy for anyone to give me a call and ask me for my experience. I am still currently working closely with the team.

Karina D.

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I cannot speak of Jarrod and his team highly enough! I was very nervous at first because I had been let down by 2 marketing agencies in the past. But I decided to trust my instincts with Business Warriors, and I have not looked back!!! my business has grown in revenue ever since. These guys know their stuff, they listen and implement fast and when things are not giving me results, they take the initiative to tweak things until we get results. This is 1 part of my business I feel like I don't need to worry about, and they feel like part of my team and always cheer me on too! We are now working together for nearly 2 years and they are helping me kick my sales goals each month. Do yourself a favour and sign up with Business Warriors, your business will thank you in the numbers!

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No Cookie Cutter Digital Marketing Strategies here

Strategy Customised To Your Business And Situation

At our Digital Marketing Agency Business Warriors we realise that business can be tough cash flow can be tight as you grow therefore there isn't a 1 size fits all to grow your business so the first step with us is to always do a free marketing plan with you to get super clear on what your game plan will be prior to even discussing working together.

Results For Your Business Thats All That Matters

Your business hitting the goals your after this year is all that matters to our digital marketing agency.

Return on investment is where all strategy starts and is the benchmark to where our KPI's as a company for you stem from and we believe in a what ever it takes mindset

Get Everything Done For Your Business You Need To Succeed

Our digital marketing agency is full service and does everything in house so there is no need to contract multiple businesses just to get done what your business needs to succeed.

Multiple digital marketing agencies are now a thing of the past.

Digital Marketing Agency Services Completely Done For Your Business

Driving Growth For Businesses Across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada And The United Kingdom

Focusing On Just One Form Of Digital Marketing Doesn't Work Anymore

We hear this too often "I used an agency previously and I didn't get the result" Or "My Current Agency Doesn't Understand My Business" This is a large reason why we do a FREE MARKETING PLAN upfront because it helps us fully understand your business. If you are like a lot of other businesses and you get growth by keeping clients and getting customers to always come back and buy more products and services from you at higher price points to increase the lifetime value of each client/customer then this is why you need more than one form of marketing.

We all know having first movers advantage in business has huge advantages however imagine being the first person a client sees before they are ready to buy your product or service. But to also be there to capture people when they are ready to buy and then get them to repeat business with you time and time again. This is how businesses are grown and how you will grow your business in 2024

No Obligation, No Catch, Just Free Advice And A Plan Without The BS. CLICK BELOW To Get Started Today

What digital marketing services can we provide

PPC Icon

PPC advertising works by allowing advertisers to bid on specific keywords or phrases that are relevant to their target audience. Advertisers can create ads that will be displayed to users who search for those keywords or phrases. When a user clicks on an ad, the advertiser pays a fee to the platform where the ad was displayed.

Content marketing icon

If you want to become the go to
business in your area content marketing is a big part of this, its not just take photos and putting them on your social media profile that will get you the result in your content marketing strategy

SEO icon

Too many business don't optimise what they current have around their business in order to been seen by their ideal clients use SEO to be seen by your clients without having to pay for the eyeballs

Social media icon

Social media is a pivotal part of growing your business know what to post, when to post and how to post it so it effectively builds the brand in a machine that gets people to click through to your website or into your booking system to book a service with you or buy products

Web development icon

Building a website is ok but building a website that converts traffic into bookings and sales for your business is a completely different thing we help create website that convert traffic to bookings for your business

Funnel Development icon

If you have a specific offer your
business uses to bring in new clients this is where you would want a funnel created to get people to buy your service online

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Your business conversion rates extend a lot further than you or your team answering the phone, it also stems too your consultations, your product sales, your website visitors to booking or sale rate optimising these areas by as little as 5% can make a large difference as to where your business growth will be in as little as 12 months

Email icon

Email and text message marketing is the ultimate way to continue to keep your current clients active and to continue to buy from you ever single week, month and year

Business coaching icon

Business Coaching

Getting new clients is great, but how do you get clients to come back 3, 4, 6, 10, 15 times a year and create a delivery model that helps you grow with more predicatbility

Who Is Business Warriors | digital Marketing Agency


Business Warriors has evolved over the years to the digital marketing agency in Perth that helps businesses to scale through predictable and scalable sales and marketing acquisition systems while making sure to remain profitable with the appropriate systems and processes.

Our specialty is helping your business to increase the amount of visibility you get daily through specific
content marketing and SEO Strategy using the algorithm to your businesses advantage.

We then like to increase your businesses conversation rates through sales training, website optimisation and conversion rate testing systems.

Once these things are done, we add fuel to the fire with bulletproof hyper targeted PPC advertising and Social media marketing retargeting to accelerate your results over the long term.

We like to set big targets and provide guarantees to our clients otherwise we don't get paid for what we do. We also serve various industry markets, including automotive marketing, childcare center marketing, adult SEO, medical marketing, and medical SEO is a product company owner by our registered company is Business Warriors Pty Ltd.


How Can our digital marketing agency Help You

  • Warriors Hook A Killer Offer To Hook In Your Ideal Client

  • Pick your battlefields (Social Media Marketing) Meta Advertising across Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp, LinkedIn Marketing, Google Advertising, Bing advertising, TikTok Advertising, and SEO (Search Engine Advertising)

  • Content Marketing to acquire brand awareness and buyers before their ready to buy, paid ads and organic content marketing to find people when their ready to buy and email marketing and text marketing to get clients to buy from you time and time again.

  • Warriors Strike (making the right offer in front of your ideal dream clients that will pay you the most)

  • Doubling the number of enquiries your business gets in a 12-month period

  • The Warriors conversion formula (setting appointments & getting them to show up)

  • The Warriors Pitch (the most tested selling system ever, for real) so you and your team close a higher ratio of leads coming through your campaigns

  • How to create world class products and high-priced products and services and experiences for your clients so that you can charge a premium and stand out from everyone else

  • How to keep feeding your business from this skill for years to come (retention of clients)

  • How to leverage yourself and build world class high performing sales teams

  • Plus so much more

Our Blog

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO: The Ultimate Guide for 2024

June 25, 202431 min read


Definition and Overview: On-page SEO refers to the practice of optimising individual web pages to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. It involves both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimised Another term that people use for on page SEO is physically on each page links referring back to other pages on the site or the back end of a site which includes meta titles descriptions of each individual page on your website, as opposed to off-page SEO which refers to links and other external signals.

Importance of On-Page SEO in Digital Marketing: On-page SEO helps search engines understand your website and its content, as well as identify whether it is relevant to a searcher's query. It also improves user experience by helping you jump to a section of a blog that you are seeking answers on or go to another page that you would like information on a certain subject and in some cases if you are looking to buy or seek a specific service internal links from on page SEO can take a user to be able to do exactly that, which can lead to higher engagement and conversions.

On-Page SEO vs. Off-Page SEO

Differences and How They Complement Each Other: On-page SEO focuses on optimising elements within your website, while off-page SEO involves external factors like backlinks. Both are crucial for a successful SEO strategy. On-page SEO lays the foundation, while off-page SEO helps build authority and credibility.

On page vs Off page

Why On-Page SEO is Crucial for Your Website

Benefits of On-Page SEO

Improved Search Engine Rankings: Properly optimised pages are more likely to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). To add to this all you have to do is search for a keyword that you want to rank for on Google and click the top three articles on the search that organically have shown to you and simply scroll through the pages and have a look at all of the highlighted words all of the highlighted questions any links that refer to other pages of the website and this is how internal linking and the on-page SEO strategy is structured to effectively help your business to rank in the top three results

Enhanced User Experience: On-page SEO improves the usability and readability of your website, making it more engaging for visitors. think about this you come to a website and you have a question or concern or something that you are looking to research whether they to buy a product by a service researcher service research a product just like you're doing right now you want to learn on page SEO so you're ability to be able to if you come to a page get to as quickly as possible the answer that you seek in this case you're learning about on page SEO for example.

Increased Organic Traffic: Higher rankings and better user experience lead to more organic traffic. think about it if Google looks three or page and can see certain keywords that a user on Google or being search for on a daily basis as they also track data on your page through Google and Analytics they see people stay on your pages between three to five minutes to 10 minutes to 20 minutes at a Time reading articles going through pages and learning more and more and more until eventually they convert into a lead you business or purchase feel business Google being an all the search engines track this data therefore they go ok this website is super valuable I can see that and the data tells me that because people are staying on the site for a long period of time therefore I can see they're also buying and I will show this page our website to more and more people that are searching for the same terms that I see on this page that uses a currently engaging with therefore if I show you in the top three results you will get more traffic to your website which will naturally convert to growing your business.

Common On-Page SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Keyword Stuffing: One of the primary SEO mistake is overusing keywords can harm readability and result in penalties from search engines. Four example let's say you want to rank for the keyword hair salon Perth if you were to write hair salon Perth through all of your blog content and let's say it was only a 500 word article and it was mentioned 60 70 80 even 90 times through that blog post this would be an example of keyword stuffing therefore Google would say this content makes absolutely no sense at all therefore I will not show his page to people because it doesn't give a very good user experience and the information just isn't valuable at all

Ignoring Mobile Optimisation: A significant portion of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Ensure your site is mobile-friendly. from our experience and knowledge we have acquired since 2012 the day and age we are in right now being 2024 the more relevant mobile is you will probably be most likely on a mobile device now too many websites we have found not only don't focus on page SEO but their websites aren't properly optimise for mobile when you are looking to optimise your website for mobile you should also consider tablets the browser being used Firefox Internet Explorer Chrome any of the following and you should also think website speed as well think of it this way you're in a country town the internet isn't great you're looking for a specific service you go to that website it's the first one you see and it loads very very slow now some would say this is the internet but if the website hasn't been optimised for page speed as well this will also be a contributing factor to a poorly optimised mobile version of a website. if you are looking to create a new website for your business then making sure that you create a page specifically for mobile a page specifically for tablet a page specific for desktop and any other devices that come out in 2024 let's face it new things is coming out every day then you make sure that each of the pages optimised for those particular devices and browsers

Poor Internal Linking Structure: Internal links help distribute page authority and guide visitors to relevant content. as alluded to throughout the rest of this Article internal linking is a huge part to on-page SEO to a create a better user experience to help people get to the answers that they want a lot faster and increasing engagement across the site a good example of internal linking would be using content like this blog for example and linking it to the home page keywords of your website that you want to rank for for example I will link digital marketing agency here to my homepage because that's what we do as a business Digital Marketing for you you might be a hair salon you might be the beauty salon you might be a Cosmetic Clinic you might be a restaurant you might be a lawyer then there's sub categories you might be in family you might be in criminal you might be in insurance claims you might be in commercial contracts and these would be the words that you would use through block content and whenever you use the word commercial law or family law you would hyperlink that word to your homepage so focusing on internal linking is something if not done correctly won't tell Google what each of the page on your website actually is all about

Comprehensive On-Page SEO Techniques

1. Conducting Thorough Keyword Research

keyword planner tool

Tools and Methods for Finding the Best Keywords: Use tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, SEMrush, rank tracker by SEO powersuite and Moz to find high-volume, low-competition keywords. Typically a lot of these tools will rank a keyword out of 100 in terms of a number the lower that number the less competitive that keyword is essentially if you have a new website you would be better off focusing heavily on low-competition keywords to start with to get your website to rec then start as your website traffic is increasing focusing on more competitive keywords generally more competitive keywords will have a higher cost per click value so if you're running things like Google Ads as well too it'll be important to make sure that you are choosing your keywords that have a decent cost per click generally between sort of three to five dollars to make sure that your ad budget doesn't get blown out of proportion when you run ads on the budget.

Long-Tail vs. Short-Tail Keywords: A lot of SEO experts online will tell you that long-tail keywords are more specific which is true and usually have lower competition which isn't always true, making them easier to rank for. Short-tail keywords are broader and more competitive. At the end of the day, it depends on the industry if you're in the SEO and digital marketing space everything is literally in god mode, in other words, it's Zeus versus Hades every day however if you are a hair salon a beauty salon a restaurant a gym medical practice a dentist a chiropractor health coach a business coach or something like there's always the big players which have been doing it for a very long time yet they're generally focusing on a lot of shorter term keywords and you also dealing with software companies as well so the key is here is to make sure that you're doing your keyword research using the tool like ahrefs SEMRush, seo powersuite. in addition to this any questions that you'll clients or customers are asking you on a daily basis you would answer those long tail keywords in content pieces on your website as well as FAQs. This is where keyword clustering for content comes in. By grouping similar long-tail keywords together, you can create comprehensive content that addresses a broader topic while still targeting those specific searches. Whereas with your short-tail keywords generally some of these will be used through your sales Pages selling your products and services and also internally linked from Blog content where you are answering long tail keywords and internally linking those to your sales pages on your website.

2. Crafting Unique, Valuable Content


Importance of High-Quality Content: Content should provide value to the reader, be original, and solve a problem or answer a question. This is what everyone will tell you on the internet however creating value is sometimes harder than you may think yes you need to make things educational yes you need to give away all of the answers to somebody and then the main outcome you are looking for from any content pieces that you will write for your business is selling the implementation of the content you would use phrases like if you would like this exact strategy I'm talking to you about today and you would like us to do on-page SEO for you too then click the link below this and schedule a free marketing plan with us today this is an example It is also a cheeky little plug as well.

When it comes to also making higher quality content marketing the key is to not use systems like chat GPT and different AI software in order to create something unique without the right prompts you just won't quite get there so here are a few steps that you can do to use AI to be able to improve your brand by content marketing but be able to also create unique content marketing.

Step 1 - Download a Chrome extension called Detailed SEO

Detailed SEO extension

Step 2: Go across to or dot Co dot UK whichever one you use type in the keyword that you would like to rank for get the urls of the top three Websites that are shown in the organic search

Step 3 - Click on each of the websites copy all of the content on those websites put it into Chat GPT or whatever AI software that you're using and get it to summarise each of those three blogs that have ranked each of those three website links

Step 4 - Go back to each one of the websites select the detailed SEO Chrome extension and then go to headers then what I want you to do is copy all of the h1h2 H3 tags and everything like that down for each one of those particular articles then what I want you to do is to go back to chat GPT or whatever ar software you're doing and get it to rewrite all of those heading tags for you to create an outline for your next content piece

Step 5 - Once you have a full outline of the content itself what I want you to do is go and ask the AI now to write a full article for you using each of those headings one tag heading two headings three tags etc and then what I want you to do is get it to rewrite everything and on top get it to also give examples of each of the things that it talks about in this article as well too

Step 6 - Now once that content piece is completed by the AI it's your job to go through and edit it's your job to go through and expand all content add your expertise make sure that you're writing the keyword that you want to rank through fall throughout the whole article do all of your own page SEO and also you're on page SEO internal linking as well too across the site once that's completed then you would want to just go through and just do an edit of the whole article make sure spell check and everything is alright you can put it into something as simple as like the Google Drive documents and just get something like Grammarly to go through and do the whole word check make sure that everything makes sense etc for the specific market that you're speaking to.

Content-Length and Depth

Content strategy

To also look at ranking higher on Google with your content marketing the biggest thing you gotta understand here is that the more unique it is the better but also what they're looking for is they're looking for subject matter expertise on the topic that you're actually covering in this article on page SEO you can see we've got a lot of words and it's very very in depth there's examples their steps telling someone how to do something and this is how we are creating our content so you need to be thinking about doing the same thing with your content marketing as well in terms of word counts Naturally the more in-depth you can go with your content marketing the better it will be because you'll be able to mention more of the keywords that you want to rank for and then do more on page internal linking and on page SEO for your website therefore be able to tell Google through these more in-depth content pieces what the rest of your website is about and explain things in a lot more depth therefore Google will create a lot more trust with your brand.

3. Optimising Title Tags

Heading Tags

Best Practices for Writing Title Tags: Title tags are what gets somebody to click from Google or whatever search engine they're searching from using specific keywords and search terms to find answers to the things that they want to learn about therefore your title tags should have the keyword that you're wanting to rank for as well as be attractive enough to get someone to want to click on your blog post or web page you must keep it under 60 characters, and make it compelling to encourage clicks.

Examples of Effective Title Tags: "10 Proven On-Page SEO Techniques to Boost Your Rankings" vs. "SEO Tips". “3 unique ways to style your hair in 2024” VS “style tips for your hair”

4. Writing Engaging Meta Descriptions

Meta tags shows in SERP result

How to Craft Compelling Meta Descriptions: Summarise the page content, include primary keywords, and use a call-to-action to encourage clicks.

The best way to get a really good picture of what meta descriptions will capture attention and get more clicks is to Google the Keywords that you want to rank for and have a look at all of the descriptions below the titles of the top three articles written on the subject that has the keyword that you want to rank for. These descriptions you can use these as a basis to be able to write your description then if you just scroll a little bit further down to have a look at other descriptions just see what sticks out to you and you can use elements of what sticks out for you in those other descriptions and you can write your descriptions with what sticks out to you and also elements of what already being able to rank Pages for the chosen keyword that you want to rank for

The Role of Meta Descriptions in CTR: While not a direct ranking factor, a well-written meta description can improve click-through rates. Adding some elements of intrigue towards the call to action on your meta descriptions too for example if your keyword has an element where you could put an offer in it as well you could add (secret offer inside) this is especially important if you've got lead magnets that people either download off your blogs or exclusive authors that you put through your content pieces and websites then you can add some of these exclusive authors into your descriptions right at the end for example free email marketing in February or free whatever it is primary keyword that you are targeting through this article you could give that thing full for free all at a massive discount or something along these lines right at the end of your description.

5. Utilising Header Tags Effectively

heading tags

Structuring Your Content with H1, H2, and H3 Tags: Use H1 for the main title, H2 for the main sections, and H3 for subsections to create a clear hierarchy.

Each page should only have one H1 tag with the main primary keyword that you would like to rank for on your website this is a big rule across any content pieces you write across any sales pages that you write as a whole.

Importance of Keyword Placement in Headers: Including keywords in headers helps search engines understand the content structure and relevance.

Any H1, H2, or H3 tags should have one primary/secondary keyword through these for relevance on each topic

6. Creating SEO-Friendly URLs


Best Practices for URL Structure: Keep URLs short, and descriptive, and include your primary keyword unless You are trying to rank for a long tail keyword then you would use the long tail keyword through the slug at the end of the urls for example

Examples of Optimised URLs: "" vs. ""

Advanced SEO Strategy around URLs: For a lot of the bigger brands, if there are specific products, services treatments or keywords that have very very high search volume then what they will do, is they will buy a URL that has that keyword in it, for example, m sculpt or best restaurant or best SEO agency or best digital marketing agency they will use long tail keywords or short tail keywords in URLs and they will add the same words into the forward/URL as well to rank a website higher and they will use this site as a co-branded business alongside them name business to create more authority with a different brand and associate their brand with this subject matter expertise that they can produce with this website or just literally hack the algorithm to get more traffic today website.

This is exactly what we did with our Business Warriors brand we went in and purchased a domain called grow a and essentially our main goal with this website was to turn this website into a subject matter expert in the salon clinic and med spa day spa business space and already it's gained a lot of traction in the marketplace and is becoming a go-to business in that space we just recently partnered with Square due to these subject matter expertise with built 10,000 plus people lists as well too just with the gross on brand and it's looked at as more of a subject matter expertise business then business Warriors which business Warriors is more of a bigger picture working with a larger Marketplace whereas is subject expectations in the Salon, Clinic and medspa marketing space only and business are looking for Specialised digital marketing agency services these days over the generic digital marketing agency in some cases

7. Enhancing Internal Linking

Internal Linking

Importance of Internal Links: They help distribute link equity throughout your site and improve navigation.

Internal links and on-page SEO One of the best pages for you to use for internal linking is your home page there are a couple of elements on your home page that are important for internal linking

Step one header on the header of your website you can have an industry-specific drop-down bar you can have a service-specific drop-down bars you can have location-specific drop down bars as well as you can have your normal links like home about contact us all those things

Step two is your full time now your footer is a little bit different to your header on footer you could have long tail keyword questions that people are asking and link them to blogs that are frequently asked you can also add services treatments location-based keywords for your business all of this you can add straight into the footer which enhances your internal linking strategy for your website

step 3 is your physical on the middle of the page you can have a services section which talks about all the different types of services you do and they can internally link across to the relevant service pages for specific services that your business does or products that you're business sells

How to Strategically Place Internal Links as Part of your on-page SEO Strategy: The best way to maximise your internal linking strategy is to place internal links through your blog content your content marketing is a massive part of the website to increase the amount of pages that Google bing and other search engines will index on top of that whenever you place internal links through that content as well too it will tell the search engines when you place internal links what those pages are about and therefore be able to up the amount of trust and credibility that the links linking to from those content pieces and on top of that rank pages of your website hire because when Google's bots are indexing or different search engines bots are indexing through those pages your business will increase its SEO score and these platforms will show your website higher in those search results for the chosen keywords you'll wanting to rank for on your website

8. Adding External Links to Authoritative Sources

What are the Benefits of External Links: They provide additional value to readers and signal to search engines that your content is well-researched. And they also help the search engines and users understand the topic and niche of your site and provide additional value and resources so it is important to make sure that you choose your external links carefully because you want sites that you place external links on to be nice niche specific to the target that you'll want or outcome that you're looking for from those content pieces and those external links. you need to think of external links as a referral to pending on the source and what someone says about your business will determine the quality of the referral and if you'll even get a referral out of that customer so if it's a bad website that Google doesn't trust and you're linked to that it will not go in your favour if it's a website the Google trusts or any other search engine trusts then naturally they will trust you more because you'll link to someone trustworthy the association bias comes into this heavily when thinking about your on-page SEO as well as your off-page SEO

How to Choose Authoritative Sources: Link to reputable websites, academic journals, and industry leaders. so think about all the times in your industry the people that are already well no think of websites like Forbes news website and other trustworthy information sources there are a lot of niche websites that get lots and lots and lots and lots of traffic and they just purely belong with sides that you can go to the have very high authority with the search engines. A lot of SEO tools have website authority checker tool

9. Optimising Images for SEO

Using Alt Text and Descriptive File Names: Alt text helps search engines understand what the image is about and improves accessibility.

Image Compression and Impact on Load Speed: Compress images to reduce load times without sacrificing quality.

10. Including Multimedia Elements

Benefits of Videos, Infographics, and Other Media: Multimedia can make content more engaging and shareable.

How to Optimise Multimedia for SEO: Use descriptive titles, captions, and alt text for all multimedia elements.

Advanced On-Page SEO Strategies

Optimising for Page Speed

Tools to Measure and Improve Page Speed: Use Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, and Pingdom to analyse and improve load times.

Techniques to Reduce Load Times: Minimise HTTP requests, use a content delivery network (CDN), and optimise images.

Targeting Featured Snippets

How to Optimise Content for Featured Snippets: Answer questions clearly and concisely, use bullet points or numbered lists, and include relevant keywords.

Examples of Featured Snippets: Definitions, lists, tables, and how-to guides.

Adding Schema Markup

Introduction to Schema Markup: Schema markup is a type of microdata that helps search engines understand the content of your pages.

Page speed Insight

How to Implement Schema Markup: Use Google's Structured Data Markup Helper or JSON-LD to add schema markup to your pages.

Voice Search Optimisation

Importance of Voice Search: With the rise of smart speakers and voice assistants, optimising voice search is becoming increasingly important.

Voice Search Optimisation

Techniques to Optimise for Voice Search: Use natural language, answer questions directly, and focus on long-tail keywords.

Local SEO Tactics

Importance of Local SEO: Local SEO helps businesses promote their products and services to local customers.

Local SEO

How to Optimise for Local Search: Claim and optimise your Google My Business listing, use local keywords and encourage customer reviews.

On-Page SEO Checklist

1. Ensure Your Keyword is in the URL

2. Optimise Your Page Title

3. Use Headers Correctly

4. Include Keywords in Your Body Copy

5. Incorporate Images, Graphics, and Other Visuals

6. Add a Meta Description

7. Optimise Visuals with Alt-Text

8. Add Internal Links

9. Add External Links

10. Ensure Mobile Responsiveness

11. Improve Page Load Speed

How to Manage On-Page SEO at Scale

1. Crawl Your Website

Use tools like Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, or SEMrush to crawl your site and identify issues.

2. Conduct an SEO Audit and Define Your Site Architecture

Analyse your site's structure and content to identify areas for improvement.

3. Update URLs, Page Titles, and Meta Descriptions

Ensure all URLs, titles, and meta descriptions are optimised for keywords and readability.

4. Track Keywords and Topics for Each Page

Use keyword tracking tools to monitor rankings and performance.

5. Establish Value Propositions for Each Page

Define the unique value each page offers to users and search engines.

6. Define Your Target Audience

Understand who your audience is and what they are searching for.

7. Plan New Page Titles

Create titles that are both SEO-friendly and compelling to users.

8. Add New Meta Descriptions

Write meta descriptions that accurately describe the content and include keywords.

9. Review and Edit Page Content as Needed

Regularly update and improve content to keep it relevant and valuable.

10. Incorporate Visual Content

Use images, videos, and infographics to enhance content and engagement.

11. Add Relevant Links

Include internal and external links to provide additional value and context.

12. Optimise for Conversions

Use calls-to-action (CTAs) and other conversion optimisation techniques to turn visitors into customers.

Depending on how many pages is on your website one of the main areas you might want to consider is bringing on a SEO agency to be able to help you manage the workload especially when it comes to content marketing with your website producing the on-page SEO off that content marketing, Alternatively there is a couple other options you could hire in-house help someone locally someone that has experience in SEO however you want to give some proper structures and training on specifically what you're looking to do with your on-page SEO strategy or your SEO strategy in general make sure you also look at setting targets with your consultant as well to in terms of impressions growth clicks to website growth and sales increase on a quarterly basis the third option would be looking at hiring a virtual assistant someone that would be a fraction of cost of trying to find someone internally to come in work with your business also just make sure relevant experience make sure that they can speak the language that you speak as sometimes outsource team members can be challenging especially if they don't come from for example English first speaking countries because this can cause a lot of mistakes and take a lot of time To edit content double check work and get things implemented in a timely manner.

Case Studies and Examples

Successful On-Page SEO Implementations

Real-World Examples: Blow you'll see a screenshot of a client that our SEO agency is working with right now what you're looking at here is a screenshot of the Google search console the average position of the last six months has decreased from 20.82 16.5 the average click-through ratio as we've been able to rank the site has gone from 3.2% up to 4% The Impressions have gone from 45,100 to 71,600 and the clicks or web traffic has gone from one thousand 1450 to 2840 So the traffic over this time frame has pretty much doubled Google take a few clicks and a large percentage of the reason why this is happened is because of on-page SEO when we first started working with this client how we're getting a little to no traffic ahead and done any SEO before the ranking okay on Google there are relatively new business this particular client is a day spa based in Canada they're from quite a low population area and it's more of a holiday destination as opposed to a biggest city like some days bars are located in focus for this client was heavily on on page SEO and first thing we did was look at the content on all of the pages the services the home page we looked at all the alt tags across all of the photos across the whole website there was no content plan on this particular business either so we quite simply just focused on increasing the content on the homepage and the service Pages to write it more SEO friendly The word countless quite low and what we wanted to do is we wanted to increase that but make sure that the keywords that they really wanted to rank for we mentioned through the content on those pages the second thing we did was we wanted to focus on content so this particular client was wanting to get a lot more local clients they are from a tourist town but they're still locals there wanted to focus on getting more local clientele and people that are going to come to a more regularly than the sort of once every three to six month holiday people that do come into the spa so we focused heavily on facial treatments and keywords around facials manicures and pedicures we focused around body contouring massage because one of the biggest things in Canada is that people's insurance cover massage so we wanted to make sure that we acquired massage clients as well of course we updated all the meta titles descriptions throughout the website and everything like that have that's pretty much all we did very limited backlink activity we created a little less things we created if a cues on page but apart from that it's pretty much it and as you can see you know six months six month period rather double the traffic of this very very simple changes to the website.

Google Search Console Stats

Lessons Learned and Best Practices for On-page SEO: Highlight key takeaways and actionable insights from these case studies.

We found when it comes to SEO that a lot of people tend to over complicate what it takes to get a website to rank too many people focus on things like backlinks and content marketing everybody's got the latest greatest most amazing thing to talk about when it comes to SEO however a lot of the times some of the simplest things make a huge difference over a long enough time Horizon on-page SEO and our opinion is a key area that all businesses should focus on simple things like word count on pages simple things like internal linking simple things like making sure that the pages on your website are written for the search engine in other words you have the words mentioned on the pages that are being searched for on Google currently buy your ideal client.

The hardest thing that people struggle with we find is making sure that what they're writing is unique too many people in 2024 Are using AI and hoping that their on-page SEO content on their Pages is going to get their Pages to rank.

And this is just quite simply lazy so to get the best out of your content to get the best out of you being able to rank your website your content needs to be unique and share your expertise

Tools and Resources for On-Page SEO

Recommended Tools

Keyword Research Tools: Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz.

SEO Audit Tools: Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, SEMrush.

Content Optimisation Tools: Yoast SEO, Surfer SEO, Clearscope.

Conclusion around on-page SEO

In conclusion, on-page SEO is one of the most effective SEO techniques to help rank your website faster by using the techniques in this blog it'll show you how to tell the search engines what your website is all about In generating more traffic and more sales for your business.

Recap of Key Points

On-page SEO is important for you to be able to rank your website on Google

Internal linking helps your website to be able to tell the search engine bots what each of your pages talks about so that they can rank your pages based on the quality of the content and the keywords used through those pages to rank that page for keywords

Optimise your meta titles and descriptions on your website

No matter what page it is of your website make sure the content is unique different to your competition different to anyone else on the internet and shows your expertise in your chosen field

Create a content plan for your website make sure the content is in-depth once again you need and demonstrate your expertise on a subject whether it be a long tail keyword-focused content piece a short form keyword-focused content piece or a mixture of both.

Final Thoughts on On-Page SEO

You must always make sure that you're on-page SEO is a part of your long-term strategy for your business. you'll see from the case study further above it wasn't something that just happened overnight it was a six-month period in comparison to a previous six-month period but just imagine what would happen over 12 months 24 months even 36 months what can be done with your business if you've got ongoing on-page SEO working effectively for your business And if you want these exact strategies implemented for your business as well too and you would like us to help you out with that simply click the link at the top of the page and book of free marketing plan with our team Implement On-Page SEO Technique.

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