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What to Look for When Choosing an Email Marketing Agency in Perth

December 12, 20233 min read

With email marketing being an essential component of most marketing strategies these days, finding the right email marketing agency in Perth to partner with is key. But with so many agencies touting their services across town, how do you select the best one for your business that will deliver great ROI? There are a few critical things to look out for.

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Industry Experience

You’ll want to find an agency with plenty of experience specifically in email marketing in Perth and Australia. This includes an in-depth understanding of the local market, trends and insights related to effective email marketing campaigns in your city. Look for agencies with long-term clients across a range of industries as well as success stories showing proven results with open, click through and conversion rates. An experienced agency knows how to create emails that resonate with the Perth audience and generate outcomes.

Technical Capabilities

Given much of email marketing centres around automation, you need an agency equipped with the technical capabilities to fully automate campaigns based on triggers and user behaviour. Top-notch automation and integration capabilities are non-negotiable. Review the technology, platforms and tools they use to ensure seamless automation and execution of multi-channel campaigns that sync perfectly across email, social, web and more. Having a tried and tested tech stack that’s kept up-to-date is vital.

Strategic Expertise

While great tools and technology are key, you also want confidence that an agency can do more than just “send some emails”. Combining automation with strategic expertise to drive strategy is crucial. An agency needs to be able to advise on goal-driven strategies, create targeted and personalised content, advise on optimal send times and frequencies, analyse performance and continuously optimise based on metrics. Look for strategic credentials beyond basic campaign creation and assess how they drive overall performance.

Great Creative

It takes creative talent to craft attention-grabbing, clickable and shareable email content. Be sure to scrutinise examples of an agency’s email creative work including templates, layouts, designs and final emails. Additionally, determine if they handle all creative in-house or rely on outsourcing creative, as this can greatly impact collaboration and quality control. Only partner with an email marketing agency in Perth possessing strong in-house creative firepower - this is what ultimately fuels results.

Reporting and Analytics

You’ll want ready access to clear, accurate and comprehensive email campaign analytics and reporting. A quality agency will utilise thorough reporting and analytics capabilities and be able to share these insights with you. Reporting visibility empowers you to spot trends, continuously optimise campaigns and clearly demonstrate ROI. Be clear on what analytics they track and the reporting format to ensure it addresses your business needs.

Customer Service

Find an agency that prides itself on customer service and makes it easy for you to get the support needed. Whether via phone, email or chat, the right support should always be available, especially when issues arise needing quick resolution. You want an agency focused on client happiness and success, not just sending mass emails. Be wary of agencies that outsource key functions as this can complicate communication channels.

When searching for an email marketing agency in Perth to promote your business, keep these key considerations front of mind. Prioritising industry experience, technical and strategic expertise, creative talent, analytics and customer support will lead you to a top performing agency ready to deliver magnificent email marketing results. An agency that ticks all the boxes will elevate your email marketing success to new heights.

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