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Using a PPC Agency in Perth to Target New Geographies or Audiences

October 05, 20233 min read

For businesses looking to expand their reach, partnering with a PPC agency in Perth can be a strategic first step. Paid search advertising provides an effective way to target new locations or demographics and start driving conversions from unfamiliar audiences.

A skilled PPC agency brings crucial expertise that can set your expansion efforts up for success. Let's explore some of the key benefits of leveraging PPC to fuel growth into new markets or customer segments.

Expanding Geographically With PPC

Paid search campaigns can be quickly tweaked to target opportunities in new cities, states, or countries. A PPC agency in Perth can help businesses in Western Australia expand their footprint interstate or globally.

Location Targeting

Location target

The first step is leveraging location targeting options within paid search platforms. Your PPC agency can set campaigns, ad groups, or keywords to only show your ads to users in your desired new territories. This immediately puts your brand in front of local searchers.

Adapt Messaging

Showing up in a new area isn’t enough - your messaging also needs to resonate. Your Perth PPC experts will adapt ad copy and landing pages to speak to the values, needs and interests of your new target geography. This localises the experience to improve conversion rates.

Build Local Search Presence

By bidding on location-specific keywords, your PPC agency can build your search presence in new metro areas or regions. This establishes your brand locally and drives traffic from high-value geographic terms.

Your PPC agency handles the legwork of expansion, freeing you up to focus on other priorities.

Reaching New Demographics

In addition to geographic growth, PPC allows you to reach new audiences by gender, age, interests, and more. Your agency can get your brand in front of untapped segments fueling further business growth.

Use Customer Match

One tactic is leveraging Customer Match to target ads to your existing buyers’ similar profiles. Your agency simply uploads email lists to display ads to new customers that resemble your current base.

Expand Keywords

Researching keywords aligned to your new demographic allows ads to appear for relevant searches. For example, targeting parents with terms like “family restaurants”.

Adjust Bidding

Your PPC experts will adjust bids and budgets to optimise results for your new audience. Higher competition for certain terms may require more spend to gain visibility.

Refine Ad Copy

Tailoring ad text to resonate with different target groups improves engagement. Your agency will A/B test variations to see what messaging converts best.

Monitor and Optimise

With robust analytics, your PPC partner can see which strategies are working and continue to refine the approach. Performance informs ongoing optimisation efforts.

The expertise of a PPC agency in Perth drives maximum impact from demographic and geographic expansion initiatives through paid search. Their strategic guidance gives you the best chance of success breaking into new markets or audiences.

When weighing your options for fueling growth, leverage the targeting capabilities and optimisation skills of paid search marketing. A trusted partner intimately understands how to expand your reach with PPC while delivering an impressive return on ad spend.

Think beyond your existing borders and demographics - the next game-changing opportunity lies in uncharted territory. With the right PPC agency as your guide, you can embark on an expansion journey that takes your brand to new heights.

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