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The Top 5 Visuals to Boost Your Marketing

January 12, 20243 min read

In today's digital world, visual content is one of the most powerful tools in a marketer's toolkit. With so much information competing for attention, visuals allow you to cut through the noise and connect with your audience in a memorable way.

Let's look at five of the most impactful visual content types you should be using right now to boost your marketing efforts.

1. Infographics

Infographics condense complex information into an easy-to-understand visual format. They tap into our brain's innate ability to rapidly process visual data. Infographics can quickly communicate statistics, explain processes, compare concepts, and more.

This visual content form allows you to educate and engage your audience. Useful, informative infographics are also highly shareable on social media, driving referral traffic.

When creating infographics, ensure they have a clear focus and easily scannable layout. Limit text and rely on images, charts, icons and color-coding for strong visual impact.

2. Interactive Content

Interactive content like quizzes, calculators, configurators and generators allow users to engage with your content in an experiential way. Rather than passively viewing static information, they can input data and see customised results.

For example, an interactive quiz can help users identify which product best matches their needs. A mortgage calculator lets visitors estimate payments and visualise financial impact.

This two-way interaction with your brand builds trust and loyalty with customers. In addition, interactive content presents data in a more relatable way and tends to convert better than static content.

3. Videos


Video is positively exploding across every digital platform right now. What better way to showcase your brand than rich, dynamic video content?

From product demos to customer testimonials, how-to tutorials to behind-the-scenes footage, video immerses viewers in a multi-sensory experience. Videos help you connect emotionally with your audience.

And video has incredible marketing power. According to Wyzowl, 92% of marketers say video helps users better understand products or services. In addition, video content gets over 1200% more shares than images and text combined.

When planning video content, leverage different formats from live streaming to animated explainers based on your goals. Videos under 2 minutes tend to see highest engagement.

4. Presentation SlideDecks

Slidedeck presentations allow you to display information in concise, bite-sized chunks that are easy to digest. Visuals like charts, graphs, and images can pack a lot of data into a single slide.

Using presentation slidedecks for digital marketing purposes has become very popular. For example, hosting a slideshow webinar to highlight key product benefits. Or sharing a slidedeck on social media to provide tips and insights to your audience.

To maximise impact, carefully craft your slide titles to catch attention. Limit text and focus on eye-catching visuals that reinforce key messages on each slide.

5. Social Media Visuals

Social media

Optimising visuals for social media is now a must for brands. Facebook reports that posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than plain text posts.

When sharing content on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, compelling visuals are everything. Use high-quality photos and eye-catching designs that will stop scrolling users in their tracks.

Also leverage social media visuals like live videos and Stories that allow engagement in the moment. And create bite-sized visual content like memes, GIFs and graphics purposefully tailored for different networks.

The Power of Visual Content

Harnessing the power of visual content should be a cornerstone of your digital marketing. Visuals allow you to break through the noise, capture attention, and tell your brand story in a meaningful way.

Think strategically about how to implement different visual formats across channels to educate and connect with your audience at every stage of their buyer journey. With visual content driving higher conversion rates, it delivers a powerful boost for your marketing ROI too.

Stay on top of the latest visual trends like interactive content, video marketing, and optimised social media visuals. Let visual storytelling take your brand engagement to the next level. Because in today's digital landscape of social media marketing, seeing really is believing.

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