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How SEOs Can Optimize for SGE to Improve Content Quality and Rankings

September 12, 20233 min read

Google's new Search Generative Experience (SGE) technology is set to revolutionize search with AI-generated content tailored to each user query. As an SEO agency or specialist, you may be wondering how this impacts your strategy and what you can do to optimize for SGE. In this post, we’ll explore tips for creating high-quality, ranking content in the age of generative AI search.

What is SGE and How Does It Work?

First, let’s briefly recap how SGE works. SGE uses generative AI to create custom search results on the fly that provide comprehensive answers, summaries, or instructions relevant to the searcher’s query. 

SGE results

For instance, if you search “how to change a bike tire,” SGE may generate a step-by-step guide with images and videos tailored specifically to your query. The AI is trained on massive datasets to produce informative, natural sounding content.

SGE also allows for multimodal searches via text, voice, or images. The AI generates or retrieves results in the appropriate format.

Lastly, SGE personalizes results based on searcher location, interests, search history and more. This creates a bespoke experience with more relevant content.

Optimizing for SGE as an SEO

So how can SEOs ensure their content ranks well in this new AI-driven search landscape? Here are 5 key optimization tips:

Google SGE

Focus on comprehensive, in-depth content

The AI behind SGE is trained on massive datasets, allowing it to synthesize content on virtually any topic. To compete, your content needs to demonstrate deep expertise and provide extensive information.

For example, if you sell bike equipment, create guides that cover every aspect of “how to change a bike tire” in painstaking detail. Include step-by-step instructions, images, schematics, videos, and safety information. This comprehensive content has a better chance of outranking AI-generated results.

Optimize content for featured snippets

Google frequently sources featured snippets – the highlighted search result summarizing an answer – from third-party sites. To gain featured snippets in SGE results, optimize your content for concise, factual answers. 

Make sure to include key questions and answers within your content that align with user search queries. This helps Google determine your page as a top result for featured snippet inclusion.

Focus on relevance  

With SGE providing custom results tailored to each query, relevance is more important than ever. Any content you create must offer extremely relevant information to searchers’ needs. 

For example, “how to change a bike tire” content should focus squarely on that topic and not veer into unrelated areas. Demonstrate your expertise and authority specifically on the searcher’s query.

Enhance content quality

Higher quality content tends to perform better than AI-generated text. Ensure all your content is well-researched, error-free, and professionally written. Engaging, easy-to-understand instructions, explanations, and visuals also help engage users.

Avoid duplicate content across pages and sites. Produce original, high-value content optimized for your target customer. Low-quality content risks being buried under better SGE results.

Adjust page optimization for featured snippets 

Featured snippets pull directly from website content. Make sure your pages are optimized to increase the likelihood of being featured.

Ideally, the page should be dedicated to a single focus keyword. Include the keyword prominently in headers, content, and on-page SEO. Emphasize readability through paragraph breaks and bullet points.

Follow these tips to ensure your content remains competitive in our new AI search environment. SGE presents challenges for SEO, but also big opportunities to reach more users than ever before. With optimization and experimentation, your content can thrive and rank well alongside AI results.

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