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Beyond The Basics: Advanced Tactics for Building High-Converting Marketing Funnels

January 10, 20242 min read

For most businesses, having an effective marketing funnel is essential for lead generation and driving sales. While the fundamentals of building a marketing funnel are important, there are advanced tactics that can take your funnels to the next level. In this article, we’ll explore some of these advanced tactics for creating high-converting funnels that convert visitors into customers.

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Optimising Lead Magnet Offerings

One advanced tactic is optimising your lead magnet offerings. Lead magnets, like ebooks or free consultations, encourage visitors to exchange their contact information for valuable content. The key is creating lead magnets that are highly relevant to your ideal customers. For example, if you sell team management software, consider developing lead magnets around topics like “The Remote Team Management Guide” or similar. Make sure your magnets solve a real pain point for your niche.

You can even test different variations of a lead magnet and promote the top performer. Using advanced landing page software, you can A/B test things like the headline, visuals, and the lead magnet offer itself. This ensures you have the most enticing lead capture magnet for driving conversions.

Leveraging Intent-Based Targeting

Another pro tactic is leveraging intent-based targeting with your campaigns. There are now options like IP and search intent targeting that allow you to serve ads to prospects actively searching for solutions you provide. For example, you can display ads specifically to people searching “project management software” and similar terms relevant to your business.

This level of hyper-targeted advertising converts significantly better than just setting broad demographics and interest targets. Work with an experienced digital marketer to add high-intent targeting into your funnel strategy.

Optimising for Full Funnel Metrics

It’s a mistake to only look at bottom-funnel conversion metrics like cost per acquisition. Advanced marketers also track and optimise based on top and mid-funnel metrics, such as lead cost per lead and email engagement.

Monitoring these additional funnel metrics can reveal drop-offs and issues earlier in the process. You can then make changes to improve conversions higher up the funnel. This results in more overall conversion volume in addition to cheaper costs per acquisition.

By going beyond the basics and leveraging advanced funnel optimisation tactics, you can transform your marketing results. Continually testing new approaches, adding intent targeting, and tracking full funnel metrics will push your conversions to the next level.

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