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Beyond Likes and Shares: Measuring the Real Impact of Your Social Media Marketing

January 16, 20243 min read

Social media marketers often get caught up in vanity metrics like likes, comments, and shares. While these numbers can indicate how well your content resonates with your audience, they don't necessarily reflect business impact.

To demonstrate true marketing success on social platforms, you need to dig deeper into metrics that align with your business goals. Here are some ways to measure the real return on investment (ROI) from your social efforts.

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Increase Website Traffic

One of the main reasons brands invest in social marketing is to drive traffic to their website. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to track actions people take after engaging with your posts.

For example, you can see how many link clicks a post drives along with metrics like CTR. Monitoring your overall website traffic from social referrals shows how these networks contribute to lead generation.

Boost Brand Awareness

While harder to quantify, social media does impact brand awareness and sentiment. Surveys and polls give insight into brand familiarity and perception among your audience.

Social listening also reveals what people are saying about your brand online. Track positive and negative mentions, share of voice, and changes over time to gauge awareness.

Drive Conversions

At the end of the day, social media aims to drive real business results. Set up tracking pixels to see how many website visitors from social convert into leads or customers.

Link UTMs to channels and campaigns to measure their specific conversion rates. This shows how your social strategy directly impacts the bottom line.

Enhance Customer Experience

Social networks provide new channels for customers to engage with your brand. Use social listening and surveys to track the sentiment around your brand’s customer service.

Response time, resolution rate, and satisfaction metrics demonstrate if social customer care impacts experience. This can reduce churn and increase loyalty.

Reduce Ad Spend

Paid social ads are a cost center for many marketing budgets. But organic social channels can help lower these costs by reducing reliance on paid traffic.

Analyse referral traffic driven by owned social content compared to paid social ads. Growing your organic reach and engagement enables you to scale back advertising to achieve the same results.

Uncover Key Audiences

Your ideal customer base likely uses social media. Review audience demographics and interests on each platform to identify key segments for targeting.

This gives a clearer picture of who engages with your brand digitally. You can tailor content and messaging to resonate better with priority audiences.

Monitor Industry Trends

From TikTok to influencer marketing, social media marketing evolves rapidly. Follow hashtags, competitors, and industry voices to stay on top of the latest platforms and strategies.

This ensures you implement trending tactics that work, not fads that flop. You’ll also discover new opportunities before your competitors.

Refine Content Strategy

Social platforms provide unmatched insights into your audience’s preferences and pain points. Look at engagement and click rates by content type, theme, format, etc.

See what resonates best with your audience and causes the most conversions. Then double down on what works and eliminate what doesn’t.

Inform Future Campaigns

Success on social media rarely happens overnight. But the data you collect over time informs strategy improvements.

Review metrics across multiple campaigns and platforms to find strengths to leverage going forward. This experience also reveals where you should refine your approach and focus more energy.

Proving social media ROI requires digging deeper than vanity metrics - but the effort pays dividends. By regularly tracking and analysing meaningful performance data, you gain actionable insights to enhance your social media marketing results.

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