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10 SEO Mistakes That Are Killing Your Website's Traffic

August 03, 20233 min read


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is absolutely crucial for driving website traffic, leads, and sales for any business looking to grow online. However, many companies and websites inadvertently make critical mistakes that sabotage their own SEO efforts, limiting the visibility of their site and hampering potential traffic growth. Businesses must be diligent in auditing their SEO practices to identify and eliminate any harmful errors in order to maximise their website's search engine rankings and reach their full organic traffic potential. By becoming aware of the most common SEO mistakes, companies can refine their strategies and optimise their websites to avoid these pitfalls, boost their discoverability, and position themselves for long-term search engine success. Eliminating mistakes is key for unlocking a site's true visibility and steadily growing meaningful traffic over time. An SEO Agency can provide valuable guidance and services to help achieve these goals.

These 10 SEO mistakes could be sabotaging your website traffic.

SEO Mistakes

Thin Content Pages

Creating pages with little written content provides search engines insufficient information about the topic. Sparse, low-value pages should be beefed up or consolidated into more authoritative pages. Shoot for a minimum of 300 words per page.

Not Enough Backlinks

Backlinks from external websites signal authority and boost rankings. Too few backlinks can starve your site's discoverability. Build high-quality backlinks through guest posting, partnerships, PR, and influencer outreach.

Blocking Search Indexing 

Accidentally blocking parts of your site from being indexed by search engines limits discoverability. Audit site settings and metadata to ensure search crawling isn't restricted. Maximise indexation for reach.

Slow Load Times

Website loading speed

Slow-loading pages frustrate visitors and negatively impact SEO rankings. Optimise images, enable compression, and upgrade servers if needed to improve site speed. Faster sites engage users and satisfy Google's Core Web Vitals.

Thin Content 

Weak, superficial content fails to rank well and satisfy searcher intent. Create in-depth, engaging content that provides true value. Optimise pages with strategic keywords while providing useful information.

Poor Mobile Optimisation

With mobile usage dominating, poor mobile UX hampers engagement and SEO. Review site responsiveness and ensure pages are mobile-friendly. Improve speed, readability, and navigation on mobile.

Inaccessible Site Architecture 

Complex site structures with deep navigation hinder internal site searchability and user experience. Audit information architecture and prune convoluted sections. Enable easy access to quality content.

Duplicate Content Issues

Republishing existing content across domains or pages dilutes authority. Consolidate information and utilise canonical tags. Produce fresh, original content while minimising duplication.

Ignoring Alt Text 

Photos require descriptive alt text to be understandable to search engines. Add contextual, keyword-optimised alt text to images to enable discovery. 

Incorrect Meta Data

Inaccurate or misaligned page titles, descriptions and keywords miss opportunities to optimise pages for relevant searches. Audit and align meta data to topic focus.


Avoiding common SEO mistakes keeps your site accessible and engaging to both users and search engines. By optimising content, site performance, and architecture, you enable sustainable traffic growth powered by high rankings. Consistently refine your strategy to outperform competitors. With smart SEO, your website can thrive.

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