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Questions to Ask Your Potential PPC Agency About Transparency

December 08, 20233 min read

Choosing the right pay per click (PPC) agency to manage your search engine marketing is a big decision. You’re entrusting an external team to handle one of your most valuable online assets – your paid search accounts.

Transparency should be one of the key factors you evaluate when vetting PPC advertising agencies. You need insight into how your accounts are managed, how your budget is spent, and what results you’re getting for your investment.

To find a PPC marketing company that prioritises openness and communication, ask these key questions before signing a contract:

How Will You Track and Share Results?

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Ideally, your PPC advertising management agency should provide clear monthly reporting on metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions, cost per conversion, and return on ad spend (ROAS). Ask to see a sample report to understand what data they’ll make available to you on an ongoing basis.

Can I Access My Accounts?

Even if you outsource day-to-day management, you should still have visibility into your paid search accounts. Verify that your pay per click management agency will provide log-in access so you can check settings and performance anytime. Ongoing access keeps agencies transparent and accountable.

What’s Your Client Communication Process?

Managing a PPC marketing agency relationship requires regular communication – strategy updates, checking in on what’s working and opportunities for improvement. Understand upfront what their communication plan includes so you know what to expect in terms of frequency and channels.

Do You Provide Recommendations When Changes Are Needed?

A key responsibility of your PPC advertising management partner is constantly evaluating performance and providing strategic recommendations when opportunities arise. Whether it’s reallocating budget across campaigns or adjusting bids and targets, they should be proactive in optimising your accounts. Ask for examples of past recommendations made to clients and the subsequent impact.

What Are Your Reporting and Billing Cycles?

Every legitimate PPC marketing agency should provide clear visibility into how they calculate fees and bill clients. Get specifics on their billing processes and cycles. For example, some agencies bill weekly while others bill monthly or quarterly. Make sure their operating model suits your payment preferences and accounting needs before partnering.

Will You Review Reports and Share Feedback With Me?

One risk when outsourcing PPC management is the separation between day-to-day activities and strategic decision making. To stay aligned, request dedicated monthly or quarterly meetings to review performance trends and recommendations. Collaborative reviews ensure accountability and reinforce shared objectives.

How Do You Monitor Campaign Quality?

Policy compliance and campaign quality protections should be standard practice for any reputable pay per click management agency. Understanding their protocols for monitoring account security, trademark violations, and policy compliance provides insight into how seriously they take campaign quality and brand protection.

By thoroughly investigating how potential PPC partners approach transparency, you can make the best choice for your business. An agency that openly communicates, shares detailed reporting, provides ongoing access, and collaborates on strategy will be a trustworthy long-term partner. Prioritising transparency helps ensure your accounts – and your advertising budget – are being optimally managed to drive results.

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