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Evaluating the Different Services Offered by Content Marketing Agencies

November 23, 20232 min read

In the digital marketing landscape, content continues to play a pivotal role in attracting and engaging qualified website visitors to turn into leads and customers. As a result, more brands are partnering with specialised content marketing agencies offering strategic services including content creation, distribution and promotion capabilities.

But not all content agencies are equal in their breadth and caliber of services. As you vet potential partners to fuel your own content programs and SEO success, here is an overview of key service categories to look for and probing questions to ask before signing on the dotted line.

Content Creation Services

Content creation services

The foundation of a content program starts with an effective content generation process. Examine an agency's writing talent and creation abilities across:

  • Blog Articles & Long-form Content

  • Social Media Copy & Posts

  • Infographics & Visual Assets

  • Videos, Podcasts & Other Media

What specialists handle each content type? How is research conducted and messaging optimized per platform and audience? Request their strategy for targeting search terms and ranking content.

Distribution & Promotion Support

Quality content is only effective if distributed and promoted to engage your actual audience. Determine how agencies facilitate:

  • Content Aggregation on Owned Properties

  • Distribution via Paid Media Campaigns

  • Organic Amplification Strategies

  • Link Building & Outreach

  • Social Sharing Encouragement

  • Influencer Partnerships & Guest Posting

Understand their full distribution methodology for maximising content exposure and performance.

Performance Tracking & Reporting

Analytics should fuel the iteration and improvement process. Ask how agencies monitor and quantify:

  • Content Engagement & Reach

  • Lead Generation Contribution

  • Traffic, Rankings & Conversions Influence

  • ROI Measurement Frameworks

Reporting transparency ensures data-backed recommendations over assumptions.

When thoroughly evaluating potential content marketing agency partners, use this guide to analyse the breadth of their service offerings. Prioritise teams adept not just at creation, but also distribution and conversion-focused performance tracking to extract the full value of done-for-you content programs.

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