5 Things You Must Have Tight To Profit From Social Media For Your Business

5 Things You Must Have Tight To Profit From Social Media For Your Business

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So you are probably getting a lot of these types of email BUT HEAR ME OUT

I was the same for many years with relation to marketing 
Where do I start 
What do I do 
Whats the best strategy and most effective to get results 

People make it sound complex when there is only 5 Key areas

1. Education doing 2 minute videos to demonstrating your expertise in your chosen field doesn’t have to be special or professionally done just must be used, it give so much more trackable data from the back end of facebook where you can track interest levels from the video EG – 3 seconds, 10 seconds 25% through to 100% of a video watched, this also captures people on your social media and ads are ready for your service now and ready in 10 years time.

2. Killer offer – something that would make someone go HELL YEAH I NEEEED that, this can be something that isn’t even relatable to your business and service yet by offering it will enable someone to solve a problem then give you the opportunity to have a sales conversation with them EG Wedding planner download, photographer or videographer can speak to them about being at the wedding.

3. Sales Systems – once leads are generated some people will want to have conversations with you around help me solve this problem, what’s your price, how can you help you want to ensure that the people that want to speak with you can choose times that suit them in their busy schedules eg around work/appointments etc

In addition you want to make sure that there is one option and one goal for your clients online, for example they can’t scroll through a heap of other offers you have, check out more other services you do and things that will plain and utterly distort them 

4. Sales process – this is the most important part there is elements of calling leads that are generated as quickly as possible and ensuring you have a process and structure to follow that can provide predicability in your sales results for your business 

5. You must have a nurture sequence follow up via email and messages deliver value through these avenues giving clear calls to action as well to extract people that are wanting to do something (work with you)

Keep a keen eye on the next emails as I will share more on these subjects and share more around key areas to track in order to track results etc.

To Your Success

Jarrod Harman
Business Warriors Pty Ltd 

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